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The country in the world where the Green Card is toughest to get is not the USA, not the UK, not New Zealand, but China! According to the statistics, from 2004 to 2013, only 7,356 people were granted a green card in China. A foreigner’s permanent residence in China means that there is no restriction on the length of time a foreigner can stay in China, which is commonly known as a ‘China Green Card’.
The foreigner’s permanent residence permit is the legal identity document for the foreigner who has obtained the permanent residence qualification in China to stay in China. The holder can enjoy the corresponding public services and convenience in handling the affairs of finance, education, medical treatment, transportation, accommodation, work, tax and social insurance, property registration, litigation, etc.
However, it’s not easy to apply for a permanent residence permit for foreigners. Many people don’t know their own situations, and don’t know what conditions they need to meet. Therefore, SFBC team shares with you the relevant conditions, application materials and advantages of applying for a permanent residence permit for foreigners.
Types of Applications for Permanent Residence for Foreigners
Type of family members: couple reunion, parent-child reunion, relative reunion.
Job type: incumbent, investment personnel.
Application Conditions for Permanent Residence of Foreigners
There are many ways to apply for permanent residence permit. We mainly introduce the conditions for foreign employees to apply for permanent residence.
1. Talents in line with the national foreign talent introduction plan
1. 符合国家级外籍人才引进计划的人才
2. Foreign high-level talents and their spouses and minor children who meet the recognition standards
2. 符合认定标准的外籍高层次人才及其配偶、未成年子女
3. the actual residence in China for 4 years and every year after continuous work in the local area is not less than 6 months, with stable living security and residence. The annual income of wage and annual payment of personal income tax meet the specified standards (refer to the regulations of Exit-entry Administration Bureau of local Public Security Bureau for tax standard)
3. 在当地连续工作满4年、每年在我国境内实际居留累计不少于6个月,有稳定生活保障和住所,工资性年收入和年缴纳个人所得税达到规定标准(纳税标准参考当地公安局出入境规定)
Application Materials for Permanent Residence of Foreigners
1. Application form for permanent residence of foreigners in China;
2. A valid foreign passport or a certificate that can replace a passport;
2. 有效的外国护照或者能够代替护照的证件;
3. Medical Checkup report issued by the health and quarantine department designated by the Chinese government or by foreign health and medical institutions certified by Chinese embassies or consulates abroad;
3. 中国政府指定的卫生检疫部门出具的或者经中国驻外使、领馆认证的外国卫生医疗机构签发的健康证明书;
4. Certificate of no foreign criminal record certified by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad;
4. 经中国驻外使、领馆认证的国外无犯罪记录证明;
5. Recent bareheaded colored photos;
5. 近期正面免冠彩色照片;
6. The certificate of one’s position or professional title issued by the unit holding the post;
6. 任职单位出具的本人职务或者职称证明;
7. Business license of the employer;
7. 任职单位的营业执照;
8. Other relevant materials specified in the administrative measures for the examination and approval of permanent residence of foreigners in China.
8. 《外国人在中国永久居留审批管理办法》规定的其他有关材料。
The Right of Permanent Residence of Foreigners
Exit-entry: there is no restriction on the length of stay in China, and you can enter and leave China with a valid passport and a Permanent Residence Permit for foreigners without going through visa and other procedures; Their spouses and immediate family members may apply for corresponding visa, residence certificate or foreigner permanent residence certificate in accordance with relevant regulations.
Job: Employment in China can be exempt from the visa; For those who meet the requirements and can legally obtain RMB to make foreign direct investment in China, “for those who invest in projects or establish foreign-invested enterprises in China, the development and reform, commerce, industry, foreign exchange and other departments shall simplify the approval and examination procedures and improve efficiency in accordance with the relevant Provisions on the administration of foreign investment, and can participate in professional and technical post qualification assessment and professional and technical personnel qualification examination according to regulations.
工作:在中国就业,免办工作签证;符合条件的,可以合法获得的人民币在中国境内进行外商直接投资” ,在中国投资项目、设立外商投资企业的,发展改革、商务、工商、外汇等部门按照外资管理有关规定简化核准及审批程序,提高效率,可按规定参加专业技术职务任职资格评审和专业技术人员资格考试。
Life: in terms of children’s schooling, children who are admitted to compulsory education can enjoy the relevant policies, and the administrative department of education in their place of residence shall go through the admission and transfer procedures in accordance with the principle of enrollment nearby, and no fees other than those stipulated by the State shall be charged.
For participating in the social insurance, the “Permanent Resident Identity Card of Foreigners” can be used as a valid identity certificate to go through the procedures of social insurance. At the same time, the principle of “national treatment” should be embodied, and the holders of “Permanent Resident Identity Card for Foreigners” who live in China but are not employed should be specified. Those who meet the relevant requirements can also participate in the basic medical care for urban residents and social endowment insurance for urban residents, and enjoy social insurance treatment.
According to the Regulations on the Administration of Housing Provident Fund, the housing provident fund can be deposited and used at the place of work. When leaving the area, the withdrawal or transfer procedures of the housing provident fund can be handled according to the regulations. That is to say, the holders of “Permanent Resident Identity Card for Foreigners” enjoy the same treatment as Chinese citizens in terms of housing provident fund.
Foreigners holding “Permanent Resident Identity Card” enjoy the same treatment as Chinese citizens in terms of income tax payment, financial business, domestic business travel and consumption, and application for motor vehicle driving license.
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